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I'm Destinee, 19, from Florida and I ship myself with Will. Ship name "Dill" till I figure out if Will is his real name r not. You never know with the Grier's

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I swear 
It’s a wonder how people from my school even graduated…

Okay so today at Sports Authority the cashier guy laughed at the dumbest thing I said. HE LAUGHED AND SAID I WAS “FUNNY”. Like there was no way to make what I sad even remotely funny. And he was cute and I was not wearing makeup and just got rained on. Like why are you laughing? I am not funny. I am not cute and you are… What why?


How am I supposed to go to college when I don’t even know how college works?

The Cash house is a mess…



Nash’s snapchat videos👏
The last one makes me cry from laughter😂

That’s jacks definition of “cool”? 😂

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I’m being forced to think about college. So message me professions/careers cause I have no idea what I want to do or be…